Excerpt #11 - Simpler Times

“Routine has long given way to mistakes and forgotten things. Longing for a return of the now distant past and its comforts has given way to a hope that the future holds something that’s not too bad. The well off, or the higher casts, as they say in India, have been heard to remark that it’s not so bad to give up this or that, and, in fact, perhaps there is a silver lining to this pandemic, as we will all appreciate what we once took for granted.

"Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks, it ain’t this or that, it’s this is this, and those people are the first to be brought under by the current and undertow of this health pandemic, which is likely to give birth to a geo-political pandemic for which there is neither cure nor vaccine and which will so strongly flow uphill that it cannot be dammed by either resource or wealth, but only by renaissance of spirt through faith, love and reverence to the Creator.”


Excerpts For The Pandemic
by M. Christian Rossman
©publishing313, Inc. 2020